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Vinicius Souza

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Software Engineer / OSS Contributor / Backend Developer.
Currently employed full-time as a Staff Software Engineer at Globo.

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A software Engineer without barriers.

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Experienced software developer with a diverse background spanning ecommerce, ETL, API development, video and audio streaming,
Content Delivery Networks, and seamless integration of external services.
Proficient in articulating intricate technical requirements to non-technical stakeholders, fostering clear communication between technical and product teams.

Continuously seeking substantial challenges within high-availability backend systems that make a tangible,
positive impact on people's lives. Embraces versatility, leveraging experiences across varied domains to bring forth innovative solutions.
Thrives in collaborative environments, contributing creative ideas and evolving alongside teams to achieve collective goals.

<a href="www.linkedin.com/in/iamvsouza" target="_blank">
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Distinct Open Source contributor profile.

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With over 45,000 stars in my OSS projects and nearly 1,500 followers on Github,
I've spearheaded a thriving community among iOS developers through the creation of the Awesome iOS project.
My contributions extend beyond this, as my Docker images have garnered over 800,000 pulls on Docker Hub.

Moreover, I actively contribute to various projects on Github, providing substantial support and enhancements that benefit developers globally.
Additionally, my Golang skeleton projects serve as a cornerstone, aiding developers in their daily endeavors.

<a href="www.github.com/vsouza" target="_blank">
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A high skilled backend Software Engineer.

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Versatile backend developer proficient in a spectrum of languages including Golang, Python, Ruby, and PHP (holding certification as a Zend Certified PHP Engineer).
My expertise spans across cloud environments such as GCP, alongside adeptness in AWS and on-premises frameworks like Apache Cloudstack.

My extensive repertoire encompasses diverse database management, encompassing MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra, and BigQuery.
I excel in cache techniques, having honed my skills as a CDN Developer and backend specialist proficient in configuring Redis and Nginx Proxy cache setups.
I navigate provisioning tools effortlessly, boasting adeptness in Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, and Puppet.
My experience reflects a commitment to continuous learning, allowing me to swiftly adapt to new technologies and complexities in the ever-evolving landscape of backend development.

<a href="https://vsouza.com/resume.pdf" target="_blank">